Apr 13

This does not bode well for the 5 …

So …


My iPhone 1st gen lasted for 2 years, has a small crack but the touchscreen stopped working.

My iPhone 3GS lasted for 3 and a half years, has a lot of cracks in the glass but, amazingly, the touchscreen is working (in fact, everything is perfect except the glass)

I think the iPhone 5 is trembling (and so am I) 😀

Mar 13

See, even the Grubz agrees with me ;)

John Gruber, killer as always …

Google Keep

Even he agrees with me 😉

Mar 13

Google Keep? After killing reader?!

Google, after killing Reader, just presented this:

Google Keep

So, let me see if I’m getting this right …. after killing a perfectly good service used by many folks and not opensourcing it, google wants us to trust them with our notes?!? …. Suuuuurrrrreeee!

I’m having problems now just by trusting them with gmail (and I have several fallback plans) …

Mar 13

Google Reader is getting killed …

Google kills reader!

C’mon Google, seriously?!? You are killing the most used API to sync RSS subscriptions across RSS apps?! … Surely that was a very useful source of data …

I don’t really understand keeping Orkut and killing this …

Google is crazy …

Oct 12

My experience with Apple maps … In Dubai

I find all this apple-hating we sometimes see on tech sites very annoying.

The purple fringe on iPhone 5 photos appears to me to be a non issue. Or at least something common to a lot of phones cameras. Not that purple but very similar.

However it really annoys me when people say Apple Maps are good.

C’mon, Apple Maps might be good ON YOUR CURRENT LOCATION!

I can guarantee that Apple Maps are not good where I’m currently are, which is is the lovely city of Dubai in the UAE.

And by not good I don’t mean worse than Google Maps … I mean not-giving-directions-to-very-common-and-know-Points-of-Interest-NOT-GOOD.

Here are some screenshots i’ve taken today (first is GoogleMaps web app, then AppleMaps) …

Lets just compare the “where I’m at” screen:
(first Google)
(then AppleMaps)

See? Apple maps are weak someplaces … Notice the missing roads on the top?

Ok, and what about directions? … You know, something that A LOT of people is saying that Apple has done right …

Let’s just try to go to a very common and known mall nearby:

1) So let’s ask directions from my location to Mall of emirates …

(notice google already suggesting it)
(Apple nows nothing … And I’ve also tried several iterations of its designation)

2) The result ?

(actually, the webapp version is awful for this. Release a iOS app already google!!!)

(NOPE! Apple doesn’t know it ..)

3) And show it a map … just for google, of course …


This is of course just an example and it means that the maps that support Apple Maps don’t include on some places some of the basic points-of-interest that people usually need …

Apple Maps app is a good, but the supporting maps still have a lot to evolve. Let’s not forget that Google has like 7 years on this and big teams correcting / adjusting mapping data.

In the end, I think that the fact that Apple and Google couldn’t come up to a agreement is bad for the user in the short term. In the long term, I think competition is good.

But one thing comes to mind … Why didn’t Apple considered going for a OpenStreetMaps option? In my opinion Apple, using OpenStreetMaps, was in the ideal position to be a open-source-good-standards-promoter in this cloud map services space …