March, 2011

Mar 11

iOS 4.3 hotspot with iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 via bluetooth

Sometimes I think I’m really obtuse, because i haven’t noticed this until now :)

Probably you’ve read that the iOS personal hotspot feature, only shares your connection via Wi-Fi if you have an iPhone 4. Since I only have an iPhone 3GS, I have been kinda grinding my teeth about this (I know I could Jailbrake it, but I haven’t really feel the need for that).

Although you could share your iPhone 3GS connection with a Mac on iOS 4.2 via bluetooth or USB, you can’t share it with an iPad. In reality, since I also have a Novatel Mi-Fi (like this one, but from vodafone PT), which I use with my Wi-Fi iPad 1 and MacBook Pro, I wasn’t really worried.

HOWEVER, today (in fact, a couple of minutes ago) I’ve found this: iOS 4.3 can now share your iPhone 3GS connection with an iPad 1, via bluetooth (it will probably also work on the iPad 2).

You just have to pair via bluetooth your iPhone 3GS with the iPad, and activate the personal hotspot feature on the iPhone.

A couple of pictures …

On the iPhone 3GS, sharing my vodafone 3G connection (note the bluetooth icon):

On the iPad, browsing to the Apple site, on the 3GS connection (note the bluetooth and linkage icon):

It’s a bit of a battery burner on the 3GS, but that is expected …

Mar 11

JavaScript Engine In Mobile Safari iOS 4.3

I think, as usual, John Gruber managed to kill all the speculation from idiots in this post.

I quote: 

“Put another way: nothing is slower regarding web apps or web page rendering in iOS 4.3 compared to 4.2 or earlier. If anything, everything is at least a little bit faster. But: the most significant performance improvements in iOS 4.3, particularly for JavaScript, are exclusive to Mobile Safari.”

Plain and simple … 

Mar 11

GarageBand for iPad and the Behringer iAxe USB guitar

GarageBand for iPad + Behringer iAxe USB guitar = FUN!

Well, after seeing GarageBand for iPad in action, i felt it could be a really nice purchase (in Portugal, 3.99€). Although i’m no musician, i like to dabble in some guitar riffs and piano solos, and for the money i think it is really worth it.

After a couple of days with it, i must say that i was really impressed with its capabilities. It’s like my version of GarageBand MacOS, but on the iPad (duh!).

Since i own Behringer iAXE 629 MetAlien USB Guitar (a really basic beginner’s guitar), and i use it on the GarageBand MacOS, i thought maybe … the iPad version could also support it via the “Guitar Amp” instrument?

And … it works!! (it should, really)

So, what is needed:

A) GarageBand on the iPad

B) Camera connection kit USB adapter

C) Behringer iAXE USB + the supplied USB Cable

D) Headphones (any type, for the iPad or the iAxe)

And the setup is pretty simple, just follow the steps:

1. Connect the “camera USB adapter” to the iPad

2. Connect the iAXE USB cable to the Apple “camera USB adapter”

3. Connect the iAXE USB cable other end (USB type B) to the iAXE guitar – light should turn on

4. Start GarageBand

5. Select the “Guitar Amp” instrument

6. Connect some headphones to the iPad

6.1. or the iAXE (note the jack size difference)

7. Choose an Amp type … i started with “sparkling clean”

8. Go to the “amp / jack option” menu and
– turn monitor ON
– drag the noise gate slider a bit lower or OFF (you should know what this is, if you ever used an Amp).

9) Play the Guitar … like this ….

…. or better than me, which is quite easy, since i suck :)

You could listen to this sample imported directly from the GarageBand iPad app to my e-mail (and posted here):

Have fun …

Mar 11

Apple Xcode 4 is now 5$ …

I don’t quite get it … or like it …

Xcode used to be completely free for a registered user in developer section. Meaning if you hadn’t paid the 99$ for a developer connection account, you could still download and develop apps in your computer, for free.

Altough you couldn’t deploy iOS apps for a iOS device other than your simulator, you could develop MacOS apps for free.

At this moment (09/03/2011), the Xcode version 3.2.6 (which includes iOS 4.3 sdk) still is free.

I’ve always had a huge problem with the iOS / MacOS developer account separation, which means you must pay 99$ x 2, but that is another subject.

In my opinion, the 5$ isn’t the problem (which is, c’mon, let’s face it, quite cheap).

The change in focus / priority / posture is what worries me.

This could mean that in the future Apple might thinking of enforce the same iOS apps posture (only for simulator deploy) in the MacOS apps (maybe in the Lion OS version?). Which is, no deploying / downloading to other computers / users, unless it is via the MacOS store.

This could mean a complete closing of the MacOS environment … and that possible conclusion is kinda scary, in my opinion …

A closed MacOS system, in the sense you couldn’t freely deploy apps for the OS (without an AppStore), will definitely drive me away from the platform.

This feels like, until now , Apple was needing / wanting a lot of developers to adopt Xcode / iOS / MacOS programming. And now, that they have more than enough developers, they start enforcing some control rules.

Don’t get me wrong, i totally agree with the iOS store and the deploy mechanism in iOS devices (specially phones) … just not on a full featured OS on a full featured PC …