June, 2012

Jun 12

Apple Portuguese prices are crazy?

Today was the start of the WWDC 2012.

I was watching the keynote with anxiety as i have, among other Macs, an old MacBook Pro (Core Duo 2.16Ghz, 2GB Ram) which i’ve been using since around mid 2006.

I’ve been upgrading this machine, of course, in order to maintain it usable. Right now it has an 120GB SSD and i’ve replaced the SuperDrive with the original 100GB HDD. I really need a faster processor and more RAM, sadly something i can’t really upgrade.

So, i was really hoping for the new MacBook Pro announcement – in order to consider it as a replacement for my portable machine.

The new Retina Display MacBook Pro is amazing, in fact. A big cheers to Apple for this.

What is not so amazing is the Apple pricing outside of the United States.

Follow me on this:

  • USA price of the 15″ MacBookPro 2.3Ghz Retina Display: 2199$
  • this in euros, in today rates, is around 1764€.
  • so, add the TAX in Portugal (called IVA), which is 23% (crazy, i know), and we get: 2170€

But, the price on the Portuguese Apple Store is … wait for it … 2349€ (around 2930$).

So, it’s about 180€ more of what it should be after taxes.