March, 2013

Mar 13

See, even the Grubz agrees with me ;)

John Gruber, killer as always …

Google Keep

Even he agrees with me ;)

Mar 13

Google Keep? After killing reader?!

Google, after killing Reader, just presented this:

Google Keep

So, let me see if I’m getting this right …. after killing a perfectly good service used by many folks and not opensourcing it, google wants us to trust them with our notes?!? …. Suuuuurrrrreeee!

I’m having problems now just by trusting them with gmail (and I have several fallback plans) …

Mar 13

Google Reader is getting killed …

Google kills reader!

C’mon Google, seriously?!? You are killing the most used API to sync RSS subscriptions across RSS apps?! … Surely that was a very useful source of data …

I don’t really understand keeping Orkut and killing this …

Google is crazy …