Mar 13

See, even the Grubz agrees with me ;)

John Gruber, killer as always …

Google Keep

Even he agrees with me ;)

Mar 13

Google Reader is getting killed …

Google kills reader!

C’mon Google, seriously?!? You are killing the most used API to sync RSS subscriptions across RSS apps?! … Surely that was a very useful source of data …

I don’t really understand keeping Orkut and killing this …

Google is crazy …

Jun 11

Thoughts on Google+

I must admit I’m curious about Google+.

I’m a very reluctant user of Facebook, only going there very sporadically to check the feed, accepting some connection or responding to some message. I just can’t seem to like it’s interface. And the fact that most people just assume you should accept them as a friend, to me kinda defeats the “social network” concept.

On the other hand, I really like twitter. Although I use it more for reading/following than posting/updating, I like it’s simplicity, shortness and a timeline that can be populated with people I want to follow, but aren’t necessarily my “friends”.

Since I don’t have a Google+ invite, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try in person.

However from what I’ve been reading and watching, a couple of good points come to me (in no particular order):

– The “circles” notion, which can separate your social network in groups.

This is a important problem I feel in using facebook and twitter …

– The fact that you can have a non-google user in your “circles” and they can still get your updates/posts by e-mail.

And, my idea here, if you could also connect to your circle some friends that only have a Facebook/Twitter/etc. account (meaning Google+ using theirs APIs), that could be almost perfect (Although I somewhat doubt that google is going this way, at least fully).

– The fact that’s probably integrated with your Google account (and your gmail account), meaning it’s not the same idiotic idea as “lets launch a very cool technological product like Google Wave and make it a barren desert by not connecting to your google account and all this other accounts you know”

From what little I’ve seen, I could see myself using it way more than Facebook.

If Google is being Google and this PLUS thing also has good APIs behind it (which could lead to some nice native client apps, mobile and desktop), I’ll be a very happy user …

… and ending up putting all my information for google to scrape and sell, like we all do in using Gmail ;)