Mar 13

Google Keep? After killing reader?!

Google, after killing Reader, just presented this:

Google Keep

So, let me see if I’m getting this right …. after killing a perfectly good service used by many folks and not opensourcing it, google wants us to trust them with our notes?!? …. Suuuuurrrrreeee!

I’m having problems now just by trusting them with gmail (and I have several fallback plans) …

Nov 11

At SAPO CodeBits 2011

I’m on SAPO Codebits 2011 for the next days.

Check it at CodeBits.eu


Jul 11

ClipBox is available on the Mac App Store …

I’ve made a small application, called ClipBox, which is now available on the Mac App Store.

I was trying to resolve a problem i really feel when i’m using my MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone, and feel the need to quick send/share something to my iMac or other computers. Right now it’s only a Mac App, but i’ve started the iOS version already.

I was very curious about the Apps Stores (Mac & iOS) infrastructure and processes, so i kinda thought of something to submit and check how all the steps work. I was kinda trying to have the feel & experience of a small developer.

The Mac App Store link is here and the support site is here.

Apr 11

Can I haz WiiFit? :)

I usually don’t post this kind of stuff, but since this is my girlfriend’s cat, i couldn’t resist …

Feb 11

Plasma ball USB!

Altough i have my desk cluttered, i still can’t resist geek toys …

My new USB plasma ball! :)

I notice when unpacking that it also can use batteries (AAA) …


USB Plasma Ball back

I just love this stuff!